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Buddhist Weddings
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Chinese Traditions
Philip Greentree has researched the many traditions of Buddhism, then written a ceremony that conforms with the requirements of Australian Law

Most Australians don't realise that Buddhism is NOT a religion in the exact sense, rather it is a way of life. And, yes, there are Buddhists who don't necessarily believe in God as such. However, it is the way of life that Buddhists follow that makes it ever growing in popularity in the West.

1. Celebrant's Challenge
& Parental or Group Blessing

A celebrant is required to say aloud the full names of the couple to ID them to those present.

Additionally, Philip invites the couple's parents to give their love & blessings to the couple on their marriage.

4. Sigalovada Sutta
Celebrant Phillip reads out the five ways that a husband should minister to his wife, as taken from the Duties of Husband and Wife, as described by the Buddha in the Sigalovada Sutta.

He then details how, in return for being cared for, a wife is compassionate to her husband.

6. The Asking, and Ring Exchange©
 ring exchange
(a) Celebrant Philip asks the 7 Buddhist questions of the couple, then
(b) The rings are exchanged.

8. Blessing of The Hands©
blessing of hands
Many have told me this is the very moment that brings the entire ceremony together. It is not unusual that fathers of strong resolve finally surrender to a tear upon their cheek.

10. Sealing of the Covenant of Marriage with the Engagement Ring©
This is where, as part of the declaration process, the groom removes his wife's engagement ring from her right hand to her left ring finger.

12. Declaration of Marriage
couple kissing

You have got there. Your married. Yippee!

2. Introduction &
Special Introduction

bridal party
Philip has a selection of excellent introductions suited to a Buddhist ceremony. He follows that, by introducing the bridal party. Rather than standing there like an unknown amorphous mass, everyone then knows who they are.

3. Candle Ceremony and
Offering to The Buddha

One often hears candles can't be used at an outdoor wedding. Philip has excellent wind resistant lanterns to enable candles to remain lit.

The couple are, therefore, able to light candles and incense sticks at Buddha’s alter.
5. Ring Cleansing and Blessing©
cleansing of rings
The couple's rings are cleansed in either ocean waters, or special water supplied by the couple.

The rings are then blessed by invoking Buddha & the "Spirit of Love."

7. Legal Vows
While t here no vows as such in the Buddhist ceremony, Australian Law requires the saying of, at least, the required words, as the act of legal marriage.

9. The Tisarana and the Pañca Sila
The couple recite the Tisarana, which means The Three Refuges, they consisting of The Buddha, referring to the ideal of Enlightenment, the Dharma referring to the teachings and practices of Buddhism, and the Sangha referring to the Buddhist community.......

11. Cord Binding
chinese cords

The cord ceremony nominally requires Philip wrap cotton twine around the heads of the bridal couple, then link the cords to the alter where the Buddha is situated.

This represents the cord of life, the cord liking their souls with the spiritual world.

However, doing so in the Australian outdoors is generally impractical. Therefore, Philip has adapted the Chinese cord ceremony to this purpose. He uses red cord, more substantial than cotton, and loosely entwines it around the couple. Doing so provides a very satisfactory result.

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philip red stole
Philip Greentree holds a doctorate in Metaphysical Science, and is a member of the International Metaphysical Ministry.

The fundamental principals of Buddhism are definitely Metaphysical. Celebrant Philip willingly performs Buddhist weddings, so meet with him to discuss your options.

Name Your Child during the Ceremony?
baby naming
Philip has, on numerous occasions, named the couple's child as part of the ceremony. Most of those couples have remarked that it was far more meaningful than having a separate naming ceremony in the backyard at home.
What MUST your celebrant ensure occurs during the ceremony?

The following are not negotiable.
  • The Celebrant's Monitum in which:.
    1. The celebrant must ID them self.

    2. Read aloud "The Definition of Marriage in Australia."

  • Identify the couple by saying aloud their full names at some stage preferably before the vows.

  • Ensure the required words are said within the vows.

  • Ensure the Marriage Register is signed by the 5 parties to the marriage, which include:
    The Couple, their 2 witnesses aged over 18-years, & the celebrant.
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