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One of the greatest enjoyments Celebrant Philip has received from celebrancy is participating in the new land Australia has become. Forget the "rubbish" in the newspapers, a myriad of cultures have come to Australia, and....

Not only have they integrated admirably, they are intermarrying not just with existing Europeans, but with the other cultures, too. To be involved in this, for Philip, has been a wonderful honour. For Philip, loves sits across all boundaries, irrespective of race, colour or creed.
Steven & Tahney - fathers
I cherish this photo. In late September 2016, I had the honour of uniting Steven & Tahney at The Grounds of Alexandria. These days, I video my ceremonies, so imagine my surprise to find the above sequence, which I screen grabbed. Tahney's Lebanese Muslim father & Steven's Greek (Cypriot) Orthodox father embraced each other in the pure joy of their children's marriage. This is my Australia, and I'm proud of it!

Saif & Rachel
Saif (Bangladeshi English) & Rachel (Australian) came to Australia from London, to be married at The Marina, Pelican, on the eastern shores of Lake Macquarie.
Saif & Rachel
Saif & Rachel with Imam Kenj
Imam Bilal Kenj & Celebrant Philip worked in tandem to unite Saif & Rachel.
Saif & Rachel - family
A family portrait of two cultures a world apart united at Pelican, NSW
Osama & Maureen
The pediatrician & the surgeon, who met through Medicans san Frontiers, united at the Cliff Edge, Blackheath
Osama & Maureen
Osama & Maureen rings
Maureen's family flew from the Netherlands for the wedding. Her niece was ring bearer.
Mahunthan & Kylie
Mahunthan, a Hindu from Sri Lanka, married Sydney woman, Kylie, in a Hindu-civil ceremony at Margan Estate, Broke, on a 40°C day. Oh boy it was hot when the ceremonial fire was lit.
Mahunthan & Kylie
Effendi & Jessica
Effendi, from Java, and Jessica, from Maitland, met at music school. They were married at Barry Park, Fingal Bay.
effenci & Jessica
Steven & Tahney
Steven & Tahney were married at the Grounds of Alexandria in a ceremony reflecting their Greek Cypriot & Lebanese Muslim cultures. An amazing wedding, unbelievably enjoyable.
Steven & Tahney - Declaration
Celebrant Philip declares Steven & Tahney husband & wife!
Steven & Tahney - wedding dress
Tahney wore an amazing wedding dress!
Michael & Shalini
Michael, an Aussie proud of his Scots heritage, and Shalini, a Hindu devotee from Hong Kong, were married at the Sebel Kirkton Park, Pokolbin, in amazing ceremony. Pandit Murtee, from New York, and Celebrant Philip worked in tandem as they presided over the longest wedding ceremony Philip has ever been involved in..
Michael & Shalini
Michael & Shalini with Philip Greentree & Pandit Murtee
Michael & Shalini - presentation
Celebrant Philip presenting the marriage certificate to Michael & Shalini. The lady between Shalini & Philip is Subedrah, the Hindu wedding planner who flew out from Washington.
Frank and Tracy
Frank, from Tanzania, and Tracy from Raymond Terrace were married at The Source Cafe, Wickham.
Frank & Tracy
Terry & Per-Lee
Terry & Per-Lee
Terry, an Engineer, and Per-Lee, a commerce graduate met at Newcastle University, and were married in King Edward Park at Newcastle The Hill.

The above image shows they have been joined by the ancient cord ceremony.
Joel and Danielle
Joel & Danielle - Handfasting
Joel (English heritage) & Danielle (Serbian heritage) had a combined Orthodox-Celtic ceremony at The Chapel, Hunter Valley Gardens.

Not often you see a couple wearing Serbian Krune, having their hands bound in the Celtic tradition..
What MUST your celebrant ensure occurs during the ceremony?

The following are not negotiable.
  • The Celebrant's Monitum in which:.
    1. The celebrant must ID them self.

    2. Read aloud "The Definition of Marriage in Australia."

  • Identify the couple by saying aloud their full names at some stage preferably before the vows.

  • Ensure the required words are said within the vows.

  • Ensure the Marriage Register is signed by the 5 parties to the marriage, which include:
    The Couple, their 2 witnesses aged over 18-years, & the celebrant.

    Naming Your Baby during Your Ceremony?
    baby naming
    Philip has, on numerous occasions, named the couple's child as part of the ceremony. Most of those couples have remarked that it was far more meaningful than having a separate naming ceremony in the backyard at home.
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