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Metaphysical & New Age Spiritual Weddings
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New-Age Spirituality (Metaphysical) is a rapidly growing belief amongst many in society. Unlike religions to date, which are learned, the concepts os spirituality, and especially Metaphysics are experiential. I have met many religious who say they "believe," but a Metaphysician will say they "know." They "know" because they have experienced.

Celebrant Philip is, arguably, the only celebrant in Australia performing a true Metaphysical ceremony designed to ensure the couple truly feel they experience the moment to the very fabric of their souls.
1. Celebrant's Challenge©
celebrant's challenge
The procession has arrived. This is where I fulfil the requirement to say your full names out aloud. You have the option of my asking either your parents or your friends to give their blessing to your marriage.

3. Calling down of the Male & Female Divine into the couple: Optional
divine blessings
Adapted from his Celtic ceremonies, this encapsulates what many involved in Metaphysical spirituality believe. The words are deeply moving.

5. Spiritual Readings
Celebrant Philip has a range of truly spiritual or Metaphysical readings. You may elect to have Philip read them, or a family member or friend come forward to do so.

7. Cleansing & Blessing
of the Rings

blessing of the rings
Celebrant Philip cleanses the rings in sea water to clear away all worldly worries & fears to date, then invokes the Spirit of Love to bless the rings & those who shall wear them.

8. Handfasting - Optional
The Act of Spiritual Marriage
With the vows being the "act of legal marriage," I find many of my couples look upon handfasting as the "act of spiritual marriage," the moment in which, as their hands a re bound, in their own hearts & minds, their souls are merged.

10. Blessing of the Hands©
blessing of the hands
As we near the end of the ceremony, the blessing of the hands encapsulates everything experienced in the Anamchara, handfasting, & the vows.

The blessing deeply moving "blessing of the hands," provides the link between the apex of the ceremony, the vows, and the declaration process.

12. Declaration of Marriage & Presentation of the Married Couple
Celebrant Philip has a very special declaration process© that is unique to his ceremonies. It, too, is spiritually meaningful.

2. Introduction &
Special Introduction

special intro
In Celebrant Philip's ceremonies, he always introduces the bridal party so, rather than standing there like an unknown, amorphous mass, everyone knows who is who. This really personalises things.

4. Candles - Optional
Candles can have a place within weddings: they can signify a memory of one already "crossed over,", represent the joining together of the two families present at the ceremony. In fact, candles can represent a great many things spiritually.

If your ceremony is indoors, Celebrant Philip has a special candle event aimed at your very souls.

6. Meditation© - Optional
A Kirlean image of Celebrant Philip

This is quite unique to Philip's ceremonies. He will read a special visualisation meditation that calls upon those present to consider the couple at various stages in the years ahead, as the guests visualise "The Light" flowing through the couple bringing great happiness to both them, their families, and their friends.

7. Anamchara - Optional
"My Friend, My Soul"
From the days of the Celts, this extraordinary deeply spiritual traditions celebrates your relationship as "soul friends."

I well remember interviewing a couple, during which I read the words of the anamchara to them. The groom broke down & cried, whereupon his fiancé joined him. I genuinely felt that couple were truly as one.

9. The Stone - Optional
The Stone
Like many truly ancient Celtic traditions, the stone carries with it deep spirituality. The couple stand either-side of the stone during the ceremony, then on completion of their vows, they touch the stone with their bound wrists, this "setting in stone" their vows, which are therefore "unbreakable."

11. Sealing the Covenant
of Marriage

sealing covenant
Another of Celebrant Philip's proprietary rituals, in which the groom transfers his wife's engagement ring from her right hand to her left ring finger.

And, when the day is done
the end
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Philip Greentree holds a doctorate in Metaphysical Science, and is a member of the International Metaphysical Ministry. Arguably, he is the only celebrant in Australia offering true Metaphysical and New-Age ceremonies.

What MUST your celebrant ensure occurs during the ceremony?

The following are not negotiable.
  • The Celebrant's Monitum in which:.
    1. The celebrant must ID them self.

    2. Read aloud "The Definition of Marriage in Australia."

  • Identify the couple by saying aloud their full names at some stage preferably before the vows.

  • Ensure the required words are said within the vows.

  • Ensure the Marriage Register is signed by the 5 parties to the marriage, which include:
    The Couple, their 2 witnesses aged over 18-years, & the celebrant.
    Name Your Baby during
    the Ceremony?
    baby naming
    Philip has, on numerous occasions, named the couple's child as part of the ceremony. Most of those couples have remarked that it was far more meaningful than having a separate naming ceremony in the backyard at home.
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