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Scottish Wedding Ceremonies
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A brilliant team of pipers
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Do you want to be married in ultimate style? You do? Then a ceremony based on Scottish wedding traditions is what you need. Of course, the ceremony revolves around the skirl of the pipes. I am convinced the Scots really did know how to have a marriage ceremony; nothing like the Registry Office style event that the typical Australian wedding has become

1. Piping in the Bridal Vehicles
Bridal vehicle
It all commences with the bridal vehicle being led along the road by the piper. What an arrival.

3. The Celebrant's Challenge
Celebrant's challenge
Then the Celebrant's Challenge before entering the chapel, or the ceremony if outdoors. The parents are also invited to give their blessing to the couple on their marriage.
5. Bell of Truce
Bell of truce
The quaint and ancient of the "Bell of Truce."
7. The Anamchara
The Anamchara is the deeply spiritual celebration of "Soul Friends."

9. The Setting In Stone Of Your Vows
setting in stone of vows
The ancient tradition of swearing vows or promises over the stone. Therefore, they are unbreakable.

11. Toasting Each Other With Whisky
Toasting Each Other With Whisky
How else could you toast each other than with whisky?

12. The Amazing Declaration of Marriage
Sword Declaration
Surely the only celebrant in Australia who raises his sword during the Declaration of Marriage.
When It's All Over
The end
When the ceremony's complete, and the reception is at an end, there's only one thing left to do!

2. Spectacular bridal Procession
Scottish entry
Imagine the spectacularly colourful & noisy entry procession led in by the piper, the Laird of Glencrannog (the celebrant), the bride & her escort, and the bridesmaids.

4. Paying The Piper
Pay the piper
The hallowed tradition of "Paying the Piper."

6. Cleansing & Blessing of the Rings
Cleansing of the rings
The "Cleansing & Blessing of the Rings." All Philip's blessings are non-religious.

8. Handfasting
Handfasting, the quintessential Scottish wedding tradition, is one the worlds very oldest wedding traditions.
10. The Blessing of The Hands
Blessing of the Hands
A non-religious, yet deeply spiritual event full of extraordinary levels of meaning.

11. Sealing The Covenant of Marriage
covenant of marriage

Where the groom transfers his wife's engagement ring from her right hand to her left ring finger.

13. The Arch of Swords
arch of swords
There is no recessional like the Scottish through the Arch of Swords as the piper leads the couple out to their new life together as a married couple.
A Laird of Glencrannog
philip scottish
With Irish, Scottish, Viking & French blood coursing through his veins, Laird of Glencrannog, Philip Greentree, will provide a wonderful wedding ceremony replete with ancient traditions. He will even swing his sword for the Declaration of Marriage

What MUST your celebrant ensure occurs during the ceremony?

The following are not negotiable.
  • The Celebrant's Monitum in which:.
    1. The celebrant must ID them self.

    2. Read aloud "The Definition of Marriage in Australia."

  • Identify the couple by saying aloud their full names at some stage preferably before the vows.

  • Ensure the required words are said within the vows.

  • Ensure the Marriage Register is signed by the 5 parties to the marriage, which include:

    The Couple, their 2 witnesses aged over 18-years, & the celebrant.

    Naming Your Baby during Your Ceremony

    baby naming
    Philip has, on numerous occasions, named the couple's child as part of the ceremony. Most of those couples have remarked that it was far more meaningful than having a separate naming ceremony in the backyard at home.
    stone of destiny
    The most famous Stone of All - Ireland, then Scotland's Stone of Destiny, since AD1300, mounted in England's Coronation Throne.

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